This Month’s Tradesman

Charlie Hayward

Multi Trader

Age: 32

Skills: Plumber, Electrician, most carpentry jobs & all handyman jobs.

Vehicle: Van

How long at Handy Squad: 6 Years

Previous work: Decorator, loft conversion specialist and once upon a time a paperboy!

How I got into this trade: Always been good with my hands, father was in the trade and followed in his footsteps.

Why I like working at Handy Squad: I like the variety of jobs I get given. The squad and office staff are all friends and we've built a good relationship between us.

Most usual job: Dripping tap most common

Oddest job: Cat proofing a terrace (for the boss)

What I do in my spare time: Whatever my wife has planned, football once a week and I go fishing as much as I can.